Xcellence Automatisation is a professionals’ team which commits itself to make you
benefit from its knowledge, and from its resources, to bring to a successful conclusion
all your projects.

The main activity of our company consists in applying the principles of the engineering to the design, to the development and to the use of automated machines of production in the industrial sector.

Our multidisciplinary team allows to carry out innovative projects which answer your requirements. Its first motivation is to find the optimal solution for your specific needs. Our continuing education on the latest equipments in service on the market and of the electric code, allows us to remain state-of-the-art of the technology.

Xcellence Automatisation offers services of engineering, manufacturing and installation for projects of automatisms (key in hand) in diverse business sectors. We offer a plus value to your equipments already in position by optimizing their efficiency, by making them more flexible and safer.


Xcellence Automatisation